If you’ve ever thrown a party for the first time a certain group of people is dining together, you know that sinking feeling when you realize there’s no way everyone in the group will all be pleased by the same catering option. People’s food preferences are as unique as they are and while you know you have to accept that individuality, you also can’t seem to escape the stress of feeding these people.

Luckily, there are tacos. This tasty staple of Mexican food is incredibly versatile and a classic crowd-pleaser. Read on to discover some of the tricky dining situations that a simple taco bar can smooth over.

  1. A mixed group of vegetarians and meat-eaters
    People choose to go vegetarian or vegan for a wide variety of reasons, but what remains true for all of them is that finding meatless dining options can be a major challenge. On the flip side, you know that if you didn’t provide your meat-loving guests with their preferred protein, you could have a small riot on your hands. With a taco bar, you can provide a plethora of options for vegans and vegetarians while also including the more traditional meat fillings.
  2. Picky eaters
    We all have our own food preferences, but some people have very specific likes and dislikes when it comes to dining. The beauty of a build-your-own taco party is that these picky eaters can choose precisely what they want to eat in their taco. Even if they don’t like a traditional taco, they have the option of forgoing the tortilla and making a salad-like concoction with their preferred Mexican ingredients.
  3. A large group you don’t know well
    Maybe you’re hosting an office party and need food that will please the coworkers to whom you hardly speak. Or maybe you know that your invited guests will take it upon themselves to each bring a plus one you’ve never met before. No matter the reason, a taco bar can solve all of your large party problems. With Americans consuming over 4 billion tacos every year, you’ll be hardpressed to find someone who doesn’t like tacos, especially when they get to make their own.

Although tacos can’t solve every problem in the world, they can solve a range of dining-related emergencies. Contact Top Flight Tacos today to find out how taco catering can be your dinner-related saving grace.