Theme parties are always fun, especially taco parties! And the popularity of Mexican food and ingredients continues to skyrocket in the United States, with nearly 234 million Americans using them in 2016. Here are six things to splurge on to make your taco party a smashing success. 

Splurge #1. Delicious Food

Mostly all Mexican food is made from natural ingredients that are colorful, varied, and absolutely delicious. The recipes offered by a taco party event catering service will use lots of vegetables and corn meal, two ingredients that are found in Mexican dishes and are great for your body. Be sure to ask your taco party event catering service to include a variety of different event menu ideas like meats and fish for your guests to include in their tacos.

Splurge # 2. Decorations and Flowers

This sensational splurge includes table settings, linens, dishware, glasses, silverware, and more for your taco bar. If you are using an event catering service for your taco party, they will help you with all the details.

Splurge # 3. A Professional Bartender

It is not necessary to have an open bar at your taco party to make it a great time. Great drinks with Mexican ingredients will be sure to please your guests. What you absolutely do need, too, is a bartender (or two) who can liven up your taco party! A fun personality filled with charm and charisma will be part of the entertainment you provide. 

Splurge # 4. Music and Dancing

What’s a taco party without great music and dancing? Your catering service will probably be able to recommend a DJ or a live band who will keep everyone dancing. Remember, everyone is friends on the dance floor! 

Splurge # 5. Party Souvenirs

The event catering service you choose may be able to assist you with this aspect also. They will be able to recommend professionals to do the photography and video of your event, and maybe even a photo booth if you want one. You may want to order some picture frames, personalized glasses or other kinds of gifts to give your guests great souvenirs, too. All these things will be wonderful keepsake memories of your party. 

Splurge # 6: Setting

Indoors or outdoors? Having a beautiful setting for your taco party is of primary importance. The setting will be in all your photographs and videos, so you want to be sure it is beautiful. Make sure the setting that you select reflects everything you want it to about your party. You can go from rustic, to casual, to elegant, but whatever you choose, be sure you love the way it looks!

So, if you’re interested in throwing the absolute best taco party, these six ideas about what to splurge on will help make your event unforgettable. And hosting your party will be a breeze when you find the right event catering service to help you out. You’ll look like a party-throwing pro!