Everyone has a strategy for eating the top party comfort foods. Some people fold their pizza or eat it with a fork (even if they’re wrong). Some people like to stack their cheese and crackers in a particular order. What’s your strategy for eating tacos? Americans eat over 4 billion tacos every year, so obviously there’s some variation in strategy. Which main taco party strategy do you subscribe to?

The Soft Shell

The flour-based American way. It’s mild. It’s soft. It’s easy. You can tuck it into a mini-burrito if you want — no crucial ingredients escaping here. If you want a little bit o’ crunch you can lightly toast it. It’s like the best of both worlds, right? Not to mention its efficiency makes it a faster eat than hard shell or salad. While those hard-shell lovers are working on keeping their taco in one piece, you’re already jetting back to the taco bar for thirds.

The Hard Shell

Corn tortillas all the way! Mexican food is meant to be AUTHENTIC, right? Forget those soft wheat or flour tortillas. You’re going for some crunch in your life, some resistance. Every bit of a hard-shelled taco is a test of balance. Can you get enough of the loose pieces to end up in your mouth instead of on your lap? Are you biting exactly right so the taco won’t splinter into a million corny bits? You’re not stubborn. You’re brave. You’ll be rewarded in Taco Valhalla.

The Salad

Ugh, just give up. You’ve made enough of a mess. Salvage the goodness of these poor Mexican ingredients on your plate and grab a fork, friend. Make use of those taco sides. Pile everything on. You’re not a quitter after all, right? You’re just making the best out of a messy situation. And who else is getting a bit of taco with all the fillings PLUS guacamole on it? Go on, mix everything up. Didn’t have a shell or tortilla in the first place? Laugh at your gluten-filled friends struggling to enjoy all the taco sides at once in inferior shell space.

Of course, these aren’t your only options. For each of these three main strategies, there are infinite personalized twists. Heading to a taco night soon? Get your game face on, pal. Have a taco eating strategy that your friends will have no choice but to begrudgingly respect.