If there’s one thing you know is going to be a hit at your next event, it’s an authentic Mexican catering menu. While that might include a variety of side dishes and other types of cultural cuisine, there’s one thing it positively guarantees: tacos.

But before you can start coordinating with your local taco catering company, it’s important to understand some nuances about authentic Mexican tacos. And that means getting into the meat of things, quite literally!

Let’s explore three common types of meat fillings for tacos and see which one might be right for your next party.

Tacos de Asador
Tacos de Asador roughly translates to “griddled” or “grilled” fillings. These fillings most typically include meats prepared using dry heat for cooking. That means the meat will be roasted on a spit, cooked up on a flat grill, or prepared on a traditional grill. As such, meats like steak, chorizo, chicken, and tripe are the best suited for tacos with these fillings. Particularly flavorful meats like tripe are often served up with a dollop of guacamole to balance out the flavor a little bit more.

Tacos de Cazo
If you’re looking for some fried taco goodness, these toppings are your best bet. Tacos de Cazo are typically made with fried fillings. The cooking process there is comprised of a slow cook and a quick fry to really create that crispy, caramelized texture in the meat. If you’ve ever had carnitas, you’re already familiar with this type of filling. Some other meats suited to this type of preparation include pork tripe and beef brisket. Add a sprig of cilantro and you’re on your way to a delicious taco experience!

Tacos de Cazuela
There’s nothing quite like braised meat to fill up your belly (and a taco!) at a party. Be warned: these Mexican catering menu items aren’t your typical taco fillings. If you’re going for a true authentic taco experience, you might find meats like braised cow brains, lips, and cheeks on the menu.

Whether you’re going for the unexpected or just something utterly delicious, it’s important to know your way around a taco bar and taco pairings before you create an authentic Mexican catering menu. One out of every 10 restaurants in the U.S. may sell Mexican food, but the information above could help you take your personal event menu to the next level.