Nobody can deny that Mexican food is having a well-deserved moment right now. In 2016, almost 234 million Americans chose to use Mexican ingredients. From birthday parties and backyard bashes to weddings, more people are choosing trendy and delicious Mexican food choices, like tacos, for their event catering. If you’re thinking a taco party is the right kind of fiesta for your special occasion, you may be curious about what drinks are the perfect taco pairings to amp up the sophistication and flavor factor. Here is an inspiring list of nine perfect taco-loving drinks, both alcoholic and not.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

  • Aguas frescas. Literally “fresh waters”, aguas frescas are a refreshing drink usually consisting of a fruit blended with water plus a little sugar and lime juice. Some popular flavor options are watermelon, strawberry, or a hibiscus-flavored ‘agua de Jamaica’.
  • Limeade.
    Want the zesty bright lime flavor of a margarita without the alcohol? A simple limeade will do the trick. Anything lime will complement classic tacos beautifully.

  • Horchata.
    A traditional rice drink with variations across Spanish-speaking cultures, horchata’s tendency to be just a little creamy and sweet is an unexpected but delicious foil to a spicy, hearty meat taco.

Alcoholic Drinks

  • Beer. Ah, beer. After biting into a sizzling taco on a hot day, a gulp of cold beer is heavenly. Sticking to light-medium beers like lagers and golden ales usually works well with most tacos.
  • Tequila. How could this be a true taco party drink list without mentioning tequila? Some may prefer simple shots of tequila, but drinks to sip on with tacos are ideal. The classic frozen margarita is a good stand-by, or a simple margarita of tequila, lime juice, and agave syrup is wonderful over ice. Margaritas go especially well with shrimp and fish tacos. If margaritas feel passé by now, a great alternative that’s popular in Mexico is the Paloma, a mix of tequila, grapefruit soda, and lime.
  • Mezcal. A recent trend eclipsing the margarita is drinks made from mezcal, a stronger, “bite”-ier cousin of tequila. A mezcalita, for example, is basically a margarita made with mezcal instead of the usual tequila. Mezcal can be particularly delicious with sweeter or fruitier tacos.

  • Wine. Perhaps not thought of as traditional fare at a taco party, wine still has its place at the table. Most culinary experts recommend avoiding sweet wines with most tacos, as they may mix strangely with the spice. Generally reds go well with heavier red meats like pork and beef, and whites pair nicely with veggie, chicken, and fish tacos. When using event catering, you could ask your caterer for a recommendation on wines that will pair perfectly with their signature flavors.

No matter what kind of tacos are on the menu, make sure you’ve got the appropriate drinks to help wash them down! For more information on taco catering, contact Top Flight Tacos today.