Casual catering is one of the most fun ideas to consider when you’re planning a wedding, a birthday party, a corporate event, office holiday party, or a big get-together with your friends. Casual catering means you don’t have to worry about preparing the food for your guests. It also means you get a wider array of fun foods like a taco bar and other Mexican dishes.

However, planning a taco bar for casual catering is one thing. Choosing what drinks you’re going to serve alongside the tacos is another. Fortunately, there are dozens of pleasant and entertaining cocktails to choose from for your taco pairings.

Classic cocktail pairings for a taco party

Cocktails are always a fun beverage choice for a party, especially when the guests are all your friends. However, like most foods, you can’t simply pair a random alcoholic beverage with a meal and expect it to be an excellent pairing. Therefore, consider the following classic cocktails to pair with your taco catering:

  1. Gin and Tonic.

    Gin and Tonic is one of the best cocktails for a taco party because it helps to cool down the spiciness of the sauce. What’s more is that the lime juice in the cocktail will also help to brighten the flavors of many Mexican dishes including tacos.

  2. Sangria.

    Sangria is another wonderful taco pairing beverage. The red wine and brandy bring out the savory flavors of the taco meat. The fruit in this drink also makes for a refreshing and sweet dessert for after the meal.

  3. Rum Swizzle.

    Rum swizzle is made with falernum and dark rum, which has a sweetness to it similar to a daiquiri. The sweetness makes it a perfect pairing for tacos because it livens the spicy and savory flavor.

  4. El Diabolo cocktail.

    This cocktail has a tart, spicy, and sweet flavor to it that will help bring out the wonderful flavors and textures of multiple foods on any Mexican catering menu, but especially tacos.

  5. Old Fashioned.

    An Old Fashioned can be customized to your tastes as well as the type of tacos being served. The whiskey in this drink is renowned for its sultry pairing with steak, making it a perfect match for taco meat. For a sweeter drink, add a little more sugar and bourbon. Or, for a spicier kick to go with the taco seasonings, consider rye whiskey instead.

Mexican ingredients and food are considered the most popular international cuisine in the United States. To ensure your guests will love what they eat at your party, consider taco catering in Los Angeles today.