Planning a party requires a lot of thought and organization. One of the most fun types of parties is a theme party. With the popularity of Mexican food continuing to skyrocket in the United States, here are three great reasons to make your next theme party a taco party. Be sure to a great taco catering service to take care of all the details for you. 

1. Tacos Recipes are Natural

It seems like everyone is health conscious these days. Well, tacos are made from natural ingredients that are colorful, varied, and absolutely delicious. Most of the recipes offered by a taco catering service will use lots of vegetables and corn meal, two ingredients that are found in Mexican dishes and are great for your body. Many taco recipes use meats such as beef and chicken which are prepared by the process of grilling, a healthy and natural way to cook. Taco Tip Two: Be sure to ask your taco catering service to include a variety of different meats and fish for your guests to include in their tacos.

2. Tacos are Nutritious

Using vegetables, especially, adds to the nutritional value of most Mexican food recipes. Take salsa, for instance. Salsa is probably a very popular favorite among everyone at your local Mexican restaurant, and it will surely be a hit at your taco party! It is made with tomatoes, which are so good for you. In fact, salsa is much more popular than mayo and ketchup nationwide…it is actually the number one condiment in America! (And since 2010, hot dog buns have been outsold by tortillas!) Taco Tip Two: Be sure to ask your taco catering service to include a variety of different salsas for your guests to sample. 

3. Tacos are Spicy and Fun!

Just like the climate in Mexico, a good taco catering service will provide tacos for your party that are spicy and fun. With seasonings such as cumin, paprika, coriander, pepper, chili powder, onion flakes, garlic, oregano, crushed red pepper and salt, there’s always a heat wave with Mexican food, especially tacos! And with such incredible variety and options, there really is something for everybody. It’s so much fun to make your own taco, and to see the kind of tacos that everyone else makes, too! Taco Tip Three: Be sure to ask your taco catering service to label all the different spices and taco sides at your taco bar so guest can make a note of their favorites. 

Hosting a taco theme party with authentic Mexican food by a good taco caterer is really like taking a trip to this beautiful country. Mexican dishes are not only nutritional gold mines, but they are visually appealing, affordable, and basically pretty easy to make. If you’re interested in throwing the absolute best taco party parties, these three tips and a good taco catering service will make your event unforgettable…and you’ll look like a party-throwing pro!