One of the most exciting cultural traditions in Mexico, Latin America, throughout the Caribbean islands, and in pockets of Hispanic America is a Quinceañera. It is the celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday and her passing from childhood to womanhood, and it can be quite the party. If you want to help your daughter plan an amazing casual Quinceañera, take a look at these tips.

  1. Her Court

    When picking 14 friends to help plan and participate in the big day, your daughter might need guidance. Don’t try to make decisions for her, but give advice and wisdom when she needs it. Traditionally her court is made up of a person for each year of her life, but tradition can be flexible.


  3. A Color Scheme

    Planning any party involves planning a color scheme. Again, it’s up to her, but you can help by offering your years of party planning experience to make everything a bit more cohesive.


  5. A Taco Bar

    If ever there was a time for a taco party, it’s a Quinceañera. Having the best taco bar catering Los Angeles has to offer will make for a more relaxed atmosphere. Besides, tacos are absolutely delicious.


  7. The Dance

    Fathers get the great honor of dancing with their daughters at their Quinceañera as a metaphor for giving their girl away to womanhood. It can be a very emotional experience, so prepare yourselves. Perhaps you can both take dance lessons before the big day to get prepared.


  9. Photographer

    Even though everyone has their phones to snap quality shots these days, a professional photographer often has a more objective lens that can capture the day in a much more memorable way. Years later, you will all look back on this day with a warm smile.

When you help your daughter plan her Quinceañera, you are nudging her ever so slightly toward adulthood. Becoming a woman is a big, beautiful, and sometimes emotional event. Make sure to cherish the moment, but don’t forget to have fun. All you really need to have in order to accomplish the perfect Quinceañera is friends, family, casual catering, and a happy heart.