When planning your taco party, you want to decorate your event in a way that’s fun and engaging for your guests. Unfortunately, this might include decorations that are offensive to Latino cultures. To avoid offending someone, ditch the stereotypes and think about including these ideas to add some color and fun before you order your delicious Mexican food.

Keep it food-themed

You’re hosting a taco party — what better theme than the food you’ll be eating? A taco bar is a great way to ensure all your guests are getting what they want — they choose the toppings, the meat, the shell. Focus your decoration on your taco bar so the attention stays on the food. When Americans eat more than 4 billion tacos annually, that’s something worth celebrating. Save some money and craft your own paper taco decorations to hang on the walls and on the taco bar.

Add some color

Celebrate your love for tacos in a respectful way with pops of bright color — no flags needed. Choosing sunset colors like orange, red, and yellow will warm the coldest hearts in winter or give your home a seasonal feel during the summer. Choosing tablecloths, paper wear, and napkins that match your food — bright red and green bell peppers, the yellows and oranges of different kinds of cheese. Not only will tie the whole room together, the guests will commend you for your crafty style choices.

Craft a playlist everyone will love

Instead of focusing solely on music sung in Spanish, let your food do the talking. Including the macarena may be a fun party bonus, but your guests will appreciate hearing popular music on the radio or songs that carry memories with inside jokes. Keep it versatile since everyone has different tastes when it comes to music. You can even craft a playlist featuring songs that only relate to food! Themed playlists are a blast, and it’ll make your taco catering event even more enjoyable.

Use puns

Bad puns are the best puns and there is no shortage of bad taco puns to spice up your party. Give your guests pins or buttons with fun sayings — party favors are a great way to make your guests feel engaged. On your place settings, include a little note with a taco joke or keep a tally on who uses the most puns throughout the night and select a prize for the winner — taco ‘bout awesome!