Who says a fiesta has to be reserved for Tuesdays or Cinco de Mayo? A fiesta can be thrown anytime, anywhere. But, the warm summer weather comes with the promise of the taco and margarita party of your dreams.

With the time of year figured out, it’s time to get planning. Figuring out what you might need for your fiesta can be challenging, but here are four must-haves that you definitely can’t celebrate without.

A Taco Bar
You can’t have a fiesta without tacos! To make things a lot easier for the mass amount of people you’re going to invite, putting together a taco bar can be helpful. All you need for a taco bar is the taco shells, the meats, Mexican ingredients like cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, and lettuce, and plates. Everyone will be able to grab exactly what they want. You won’t have your guests asking you for cheese to put on top of their meal since it’ll all be laid out on the taco bar. In 2016, about 234 million Americans used Mexican food and ingredients. So, keep the tradition going by adding salsa and beans to the table, too.

Chile Pepper Fruit
To go with the tacos, you’re going to need to pick out a side dish. Some hosts will choose rice or chips as a simple Mexican food side. But, if you want to spice things up a bit, try some chile pepper fruit. Put slices of mango and papayas on sticks and toss them onto the grill. After they’ve gotten a little dark, take them off and throw a dash of chile pepper on top. The sweet and spicy taste of the fruit and pepper will mix well for the perfect taco pairings.

You can’t have a fiesta without margaritas. Blend up a few pitchers of traditional, strawberry, and raspberry margaritas to appeal to everyone’s taste buds. It won’t take that long to do, and if you make them in pitchers, you won’t be spending the entire party mixing drinks.

Now that you have the food and drinks figured out, it’s time to decorate. Get some carnations and put them in vases on your bar area, your food table, and the table where your guests will eat. Make paper flowers out of tissue paper and hang those up on the wall. If you plan to have the fiesta in your backyard, get some string lights and hang them above your patio.

Fiestas are a lot of fun and can be thrown at any time of the year. While you can throw one in the fall, throwing it in the summer allows for you to enjoy nice, margarita-drinking weather. Take a look at a few of the fiesta must-haves listed above and include them when planning the party.