If you’re thinking about hosting an outdoor party in the next couple months, you should make sure you know exactly what to do to make sure everyone has fun. Here are some pro tips for hosting a great backyard party.

Start planning weeks in advance
If you wait too long to start planning, any number of things could pile up and go wrong. Spend some time each day doing some planning and do more and more as the big date approaches.

Keep the guest list as small as possible
Your party doesn’t need hundreds of people to be a success. The best parties only have a handful of close friends anyways. So limit your guest list to only your favorite people.

Offer tasty Mexican dishes
The only way to guarantee a perfect day: have a taco party. Americans eat approximately 4 billion tacos a year and there’s no doubt that your friends will surely love spending time at a taco bar at your party. Serve Mexican dishes and watch your guests have an amazing time.

Plan for inclement weather
If it starts to rain, you should have a backup plan. Keep your house clean just in case the weather does get bad or have another place in mind.

Have specific entertainment for the kids
Don’t let the kids feel bored even for one minute because that will jeopardize the entire party. Have some fun games spread out and keep the kids occupied.

Make a list of who is in charge of what
Unless you’re the one doing everything, you should make a list that gives you an idea of who is doing what. That way, if something goes wrong, you’ll know who to talk to.

Figure out parking early on
Waiting until the day of the party to figure out the parking situation can cause serious problems. Take some time to figure out how many cars there will be and where they should park.

Give specific directions on the invitation
Avoid being constantly called during the day of the party by being very detailed in the directions you give. Hopefully everyone of your guests are smart enough to enter the address into a GPS, but there will still be a few who try and get there by memory or your directions. The more detailed you are, the more likely they will actually find the place and not have to constantly call you while you’re trying to enjoy yourself or set everything up.

Stock up on extra drinks and snacks
You can never have too many snacks or drinks at a party. Make sure you get some extra so you don’t run out!

Put music on shuffle and don’t let anyone touch it
As soon as you grant one person a song request, the rest of the party will likely stand up and come over to you with their musical demands. Don’t let this happen to you. Create a big enough playlist, hit play, and leave it alone. As long as your guests just relax and listen, they will enjoy themselves.

A party’s not a party without food. If you want your party to be a delicious success, don’t hesitate to contact Top Flight Tacos for all of your Mexican dishes and other treats.